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Minor in Interdisciplinary Game Studies

Some questions about the minor (and answers)

Who is this minor meant for?

Anyone with an interest in designing and developing computer games. We welcome anyone from Art, CSIS, Music, or any other major. This minor requires no background in programming, creating art, or developing music -- this will all be covered in the courses themselves.

Why "interdisciplinary"?

Because we believe that a truly good computer game involves smart software development, well designed art, and effective sound and music. A program that just focuses on one of these areas does not do game development justice.

Why a minor?

The minor is meant to be just a first step -- we hope to eventually build it into a full interdisciplinary major. Stay tuned!

Where can I get more information?

Feel free to contact any one of us:

Required Courses

ART 2691 Introduction to Digital Media 3
ART 3748 Special Topics in Studio Art 3
CSIS 1595 Fundamentals of Programming 1 3
CSIS 3737 Game Programming 3
MUIN 1561 Music Recording Workshop 4
MUIN 3762 Digital Sound Production 2

Substitute Courses

Important Note: If any of the above courses is required for your major, you must take one of the following courses instead. Furthermore, that course must come from a major other than your own.

ART 1501 Fundamentals of 2D Design 3
ART 1521 Foundation Drawing 3
CSIS 3738 3D Graphics and Animation 3
CSIS 5837 Artificial Intelligence for Game Design 3
MUIN 3763 Digital Recording and Editing 3

Why is this necessary?

YSU does not allow you to get double credit for the same course in both the major and the minor. We also require substitute courses to come from a different major to increase the interdisciplinary experience of the program.

Can you show me an example?

Suppose you were a major in a CSIS program, where CSIS 1595 (or an equivalent course) were required. You would need to take one of the substitute courses from ART or MUIN (either ART 1501, ART 1521, or MUIN 3763).

Course Schedule

Note: We will eventually create a complete plan of course offerings. For now, here are the courses that will be offered Fall 2019.

Required Courses:

Substitute Courses:

YSU GameDev Group

YSU Game Devs is a YSU student organization dedicated to learning about the game development community. Over the course of a semester, they work as a team to simulate the environment of a game studio in order to create their own, original games.

Thi organization is a great way to learn about game development outside of the classroom. If you are interested in game development, we encourage you to get in contact with them.

Student Projects

We also plan on displaying student projects created as a result of this minor (and other game-related research we are doing). Check back as we add more material.